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 Emam Mosque or Shah Mosque

Imam mosque, formerly called the Shah mosque is one of the greatest architectural achievements of Shah Abbas I who built it to complete the magnificent central square of Isfahan. Work started on the outstanding entrance portal in 1611 and it was not until 1629, the last year of Shah Abbas' reign when the mosque was completed, although minor decorations were added during the reign of his descendants. Height of portal minarets is 48 m high, southern minarets 42 m and the central dome is 52 m. due to double-layering the interior ceiling is 36.3 m high, and the hollow space in between is responsible for the loud echoes heard when you stamp your foot under the center of the dome. The entrance portal is constructed to face the square and as a counterpoint to the Qeysarieh portal but the mosque is angled to point in the direction of Mecca. A short corridor leads into the inner courtyard which has a pool and is surrounded by four iwans. Each iwan leads into a vaulted sanctuary. There are also two madreseh and a marble mihrab and minbar which are beautifully crafted. The mosque is completely covered, inside and out with dazzling tiles. There are estimated to be 18 million bricks and 472,500 tiles in the building. The richness of its blue-tiled mosaic designs, the unity of the overall structure and its perfectlyproportioned Safavid-era architecture form a visually stunning monument.Read more