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Trip To Iran
Trip To Iran
2500-year-old Cyrus Cylinder
2500-year-old Persian clay cylinder
Unique Information About Iran

Iran has a unique climate.
For example, in the winter you can experience Ski in the snow and Swimming in the Sea in 2 different places of Iran exactly at the same time.

Did you know that according to NASA in 2005 the hottest spot on the Earth was Loot desert in Iran with 70.7`C But in February (2014) this area was covered with snow about 4 centimeters.And the temperature was -9`C. This situation made many tourists surprised in this area.

"Who can claim to have seen the most beautiful city of the world without having seen Isfahan?
( Andre Malraux from France )

Do you know that Chalous Road in the north of Iran is one of the four beautiful roads of the World?

Most of the tourists that come to Iran agree on this point: Iran was really different from the fact in our thought, Iran is really safe & Iranian are really hospitable

About Abbas Barzegar
Abbas Barzegar Tourist Complex in Bavanat Iran - Trip to Iran
Richard Nelson-Iranologist
Richard Nelson Frye
The World's Oldest Hotel in Iran
The World's Oldest Hotel in Isfahan Abbasi 5* (300 years ago)
Village of Filband
Village of Filband Mazanderan Iran
Graham Hughes idea About Iran
Graham Hughes idea About Iran
Great Speech About Trip

The world is a book,and those who don't travel read only one page.(Saint Augustine)

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (Confucius)

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